The ultimate PST repair tool for Microsoft Outlook with a super-intuitive UI

Can’t start Outlook normally after a serious accident? Looking for ways of repairing Outlook on your own without spending hundreds of dollars and waiting for days? Recovery ToolBox for Outlook (download) will solve your problems in a wink of an eye and offer convenient and fast PST file repair and OST to PST conversion tools.

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  • Recovery Toolbox for Outlook do not support Microsoft Outlook 2010 x64 yet.
  • Recovery Toolbox for Outlook do not support a recovering of contact groups yet.

Software compatible and recovery data from PST files of Outlook 97-2013

This reliable and fast Outlook file repair tool offers the following features:

  1. A lightning-fast data analysis and recovery engine for accurate and fast conversion of Microsoft Outlook objects
  2. Quick and accurate recovery of all standard OST/PST items from damaged files
  3. Comprehensive support of ANSI (Microsoft Outlook 97-2000) and UNICODE (for Microsoft Outlook 2003 and later) encoded files
  4. Support of password-protected files (password must be entered by the user)
  5. Full support of OST (offline storage) and standard PST files
  6. Instant conversion of the contents of OST files of all versions into the PST format
  7. A highly intuitive wizard-based user interface suitable for users of all skill levels, including those who don’t know how to repair PST files Outlook data on their own
  8. No modification of the source file – allows users to repair PST file data using alternative tools
  9. Use of several integrity-maintaining approaches to ensure data completeness and accuracy
  10. Recreation of the original mailbox folder structure when saving Outlook items to the user’s hard drive
  11. Recovery of attachment files even in situations when corresponding mail elements are damaged beyond recovery
  12. Saving of converted/repaired data into a new Unicode PST file or set of files
  13. Use of Microsoft Outlook for saving converted/recovered objects to new PST files
  14. Can split the output PST file into several volumes of a user-defined size
  15. Can save mailbox items as MSG files on the hard drive
  16. Can save contacts as separate VCF files
  17. Can save email messages as separate EML files
  18. Can save notes as plain text files
  19. Comes with a built in preview module for selecting items to be saved
  20. Supports Windows 97/98/.../7
  21. Supports Microsoft Outlook 97/.../2010
  22. A compact and fast Microsoft Outlook repair tools download – just minutes to download, install and get your data back!

The fact is, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook is the only Microsoft Outlook repair tool 2007 download that you’ll ever need to repair .pst files faster, better and manifold less expensively than specialized services. Try it right now and never be afraid of losing your PST data again!/p>

A powerful recovery and conversion tool that helps repair PST file data in a few mouse clicks

Being a professional-grade PST repair tool for Outlook 2007 and above, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook offers unparalleled ease of use and intuitiveness of the user interface. In plain English, it means that even if you don’t know how to repair Microsoft outlook 2007 PST file data, it won’t be a problem. The program’s multi-step wizard will guide you through every step of the process and will help you repair PST file data in virtually no time!

A compact Microsoft Outlook repair tool 2007 download that will solve all of your PST repair problems

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook helps repair PST and OST files, recover PST/OST data and even convert OST files to the PST format, which is especially convenient for Exchange to Outlook data migration. The program knows how to recover PST file contents after the most disastrous system crashes and works with all types of PST/OST objects, including messages, attachments, notes, tasks, contacts and such.

An all-in-one Microsoft Outlook PST repair software download with advanced functionality

The tool is a perfect fit for anyone – even novices and users who have no idea how to repair Outlook file 2003 and later versions. The user only needs to specify the source file and select the preferred operating mode: data recovery or data conversion. In the first mode, the software attempts to repair .pst file structure, extract undamaged data and save them to a healthy PST file that is immediately ready for use. In the second mode, this PST repair tool for Outlook 2007 saves every object from the source file on the user’s hard drive in a corresponding format.

Unassisted PST recovery has never been so easy, intuitive and reliable!

When performing PST recovery, the program never modifies the structure of the source file and fully preserves its structure when recovering objects to the user’s hard drive.

In a nutshell, the data recovery or conversion procedure consists of just a few quick steps:

  • Selection of the source file (healthy or corrupted PST/OST file)
  • Selection of the preferred operating mode (recovery or conversion)
  • Preview of the contents of the selected file
  • Selection of the destination location for extracted data
  • Data saving

These five quick steps help you regain access to your data quicker than you ever imagined!

If you don’t know how to repair Outlook PST files, this little tool is just what the doctor ordered for you!

Go for this Microsoft Outlook PST repair software download and forget about the idea of outsourcing the recovery of your file to local gurus who will be happy to charge you a few hundred dollars for a simple task you can handle on your own using Recovery Toolbox for Outlook!

Requirements of Recovery Toolbox for Outlook:

  • Microsoft Outlook 98-2013 must be installed on the user’s computer.

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